Remediation Solutions

Why choose Aztech for your remedial needs?  We believe the answer is clear and compelling.  It begins with our experience with the design, implementation, and operation and maintenance of hundreds of systems utilizing a broad range of remedial technologies.  Not only can we conceptualize a remedial solution specific to your site, our team of environmental scientists, geologists, engineers and technicians can design it, build it, install it and operate it.  Our vast implementation and operation experience provides our team with the practical experience that most design firms lack.  We understand what it takes to cost effectively manage a remedial program and have the in-house expertise to develop remedial solutions that range from a simple packaged system for the corner gas station to complex design build system for Superfund sites.  For those uniquely complex sites, we can also implement a pilot testing program to evaluate the effectiveness of one or more remedial technologies to minimize potential risk and unnecessary costs.

Injection Services

Aztech has experience utilizing ex-situ and in-situ advanced chemical technologies to remediate contaminated groundwater and soil. Read More

Green Remediation

At Aztech, we seek to minimize our environmental footprint by our geothermally-heated/cooled and energy efficient office and shop/warehouse facility in Ballston Spa; at your site, we strive to minimize our production of greenhouse gasses by reducing idling time of equipment, reduce waste by the use of state-of-the-art drilling technology (such as sonic) and, minimize energy consumption of remedial systems by use of variable frequency drives and remote monitoring technologies that can allow adjustments to system components from the office. Read More

Advanced Controls

At Aztech, we understand if a system were to function properly, it needs to be monitored and maintained. This is why we incorporate a central control panel that allows both Aztech staff and the client to monitor our remediation systems Read More

Soil Vapor Intrusion Mitigation

Aztech uses the recommended multiple lines of evidence approach where samples are collected from soil vapor, sub‐slab vapor, indoor air, outdoor air, groundwater and soil. Aztech geologists are fully versed and experienced in collecting these samples in accordance with pertinent state and federal protocols and regulations. Read More

Groundwater Contamination

During drilling activities, temporary or permanent monitoring wells can be installed to assess the quality of groundwater on a job site. An Aztech geologist will log the geotechnical data associated with the site soil and identify the position of the water table during advancement of the borehole. Based on the observations made during drilling, the geologist will develop specifications for and oversee the construction of the monitoring well. Typically, soil borings are converted into monitoring wells that are constructed in a manner that is consistent with industry standards. Read More

Soil Contamination

Aztech geologists are talented, thorough and well versed in conducting soil investigations that range from advancing soil borings in shallow and/or deep overburden to bedrock coring. The scope of the subsurface soil investigation is developed based on the findings of the Phase I ESA or from other existing information relative to the site to be investigated. The goal is to determine if any environmental impacts to the subsurface soils exist at the site. Read More