Soil Vapor Intrusion Investigation

While soil vapor intrusion evaluations are often performed as part of the site assessment process, the recent emphasis placed on potential vapor intrusion by the regulatory community has resulted in sites that previously required no further action to be “re-opened” for the sole purpose of evaluating the potential for vapor intrusion.  This is especially true at sites where residual contamination was left in-place.   Additionally, vapor intrusion evaluations are now routinely included with site assessment/remedial investigation programs for new sites when applicable.   This can result in the identification of previously unknown or unexpected health concerns for property owners, residents, and tenants, as well as liability risks and potential financial implications for our clients.     Fortunately, Aztech has been a leader in evaluating and mitigating real or perceived soil vapor concerns for our clients at hundreds of commercial, industrial and residential locations.    Our core vapor intrusion services include the following:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Sampling
  • Soil Vapor Sample Point Installation and sampling
  • Sub-Slab Vapor Sample Point Installation and sampling
  • Laboratory Data Evaluation and NYSDOH Decision Matrix Review
  • Regulatory Reporting and Negotiations
  • Mitigation (Refer to our Remediation Solutions)