Green Remediation                        

The end game of all investigative and remedial projects is to implement remedies that minimize and/or eliminate the threat presented by a site or source area to public health and the environment.  However…remediation for the sake of remediation does not always result in the most environmentally friendly solution.  Rather, consideration must be given to site investigative and remedial efforts in the context of the larger environment, where all environmental effects are evaluated so that the process of investigation and remediation results in a minimized environmental footprint.

At Aztech, we seek to minimize our environmental footprint by our geothermally-heated/cooled and energy efficient office and shop/warehouse facility in Ballston Spa; at your site, we strive to control our production of greenhouse gasses by limiting idling time of equipment, reducing waste by the use of state-of-the-art drilling technology (such as sonic) and, minimizing energy consumption of remedial systems by use of variable frequency drives and remote monitoring technologies that can allow adjustments to system components from the office.  Each of these practices helps to conserve our natural resources and brings us closer to achieving our objective of a cleaner environment for future generations.