Environmental Compliance

We have extensive experience assisting clients in maintaining regulatory compliance in a wide variety of retail, commercial and industrial sectors. Our geologists, scientists and engineers are experienced and capable of handling all petroleum tank needs, from compliance and audit issues to the removal and subsequent sampling and remediation. We provide solutions that meet the particular needs of a client, from permit preparation support and auditing to full portfolio management for a facility’s compliance requirements.

Petroleum Bulk Storage Compliance, Audits and Permitting

Aztech understands the complexities of State and Federal Petroleum Bulk Storage regulations and proper operation of petroleum storage equipment. Our employees are capable of providing clients with experienced and informed feedback. Aztech’s goal during a facility audit is to identify the problem or deficiency and then provide solutions to fix the identified issues and provide training to curb future problems.

Petroleum Equipment Removals and Excavation

When Aztech oversees the removal of petroleum equipment, our clients are assured of a professional outcome. Our trained staff is well versed in State and Federal regulatory requirements and provides informed, experienced solutions to any environmental problems encountered during the removal of petroleum equipment. As an experienced consultant, Aztech documents all of the site activities.  The documented information is then presented in a concise, succinct closure report. Aztech also provides assistance with the completion of required New York State Department of Environmental Conservation regulatory paperwork and any potential litigation.

Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plans

Aztech has the experienced and trained staff to prepare Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans.  We have prepared dozens of SPCC plans for oil storage facilities, aviation facilities, bulk storage terminals, etc.  We have created lasting partnerships with engineering and land surveying companies to inspect facilities and assist with all phases of the plans.