Comprehensive Drilling Services

At Aztech, we provide a wide array of in-house drilling applications; we do not need to rely on a subcontractor’s availability, schedule, or pricing to provide full services to our clients.  At the onset of any project, our drilling staff works directly with our team of engineers and scientists to develop a cost effective investigation program in concert with a realistic schedule based on direct field experience.

Our team can meet any environmental, geotechnical or geothermal drilling need.  We are capable of executing projects from start-up to clean-up.  Such as:

  • Direct push, hollow stem auger & sonic drilling of unconsolidated materials.
  • Wash rotary, air hammer & coring methods for bedrock.
  • Depth discrete soil and groundwater sampling via direct push.
  • Monitoring well installation & development.
  • Remedial well installation (soil vapor extraction; groundwater extraction; air sparge;  in-situ chemical oxidation).
  • Overwater barge drilling and sampling.
  • Membrane interface probe (MIP) and laser-induced fluorescence (LIF).
  • Geotechnical (standard split spoon and Shelby tube sampling).
  • Well Decommissioning.