Advanced Controls

At Aztech, we understand if a system is to function properly, it needs to be monitored and maintained.  This is why we incorporate a central control panel that allows both Aztech staff and the client to monitor our remediation systems.  Aztech staff design and build the control system to the demands at each project site.  Each system is designed such that it provides ease of function, high accuracy, and reliability and is constructed from readily available, inexpensive components.  Every feature of a build can be monitored through one centralized system rather than multiple independent systems which allows for easy access.  Our control units:

  • Record readings on a data log at regular intervals
  • Can be accessed remotely via computer
  • Can send out alerts for maintenance
  • Send out daily faxes

When all these features are taken into account, our control systems are more cost effective and more efficient than those of our competitors.